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We, as an experienced accounting firm, are committed to providing top-notch and professional one-stop corporate accounting services, supporting Start-Ups, SMEs and Private Corporations with the expertise in Hong Kong Profits Tax. As said, Sforzando’s mission is to provide high-quality and comprehensive corporate tax filing and accounting services, laying a foundation for the company to keep good business records for your business tactics and enabling long-term business development. Holding high your entrepreneurial and forward-thinking ideals.

Reference Resource on Profits Tax(利得稅參考資源)

如您正處理公司利得稅(Profits Tax)報稅事宜,不妨參考由香港稅務局(Inland Revenue Department)提供的利得稅報稅表(Profits Tax Returns)範本及填寫指引。

Enquiry On Profits Tax & Account Services(利得稅及專業會計服務諮詢)

如閣下欲查詢利得稅(Profits Tax)報稅服務、公司報稅或創業報稅等事宜,請即留下您的聯絡資料,Sforzando 利得稅及香港專業會計服務會盡快聯絡你。

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Articles On Profits Tax(利得稅參考文章)